Rare Record Price Guide

Rare Record Price Guide

Established in 1987 and published every two years, Rare Record Price Guide is the world’s leading authority on prices of rare and collectable records pressed in the UK.

The Guide covers every era from the 50’s onwards and every genre – pop, rock, psychedelia, blues, soul, rock and roll, reggae, jazz, dance, indie, country, folk, exotica – and more.

The Guide is compiled by the expert writers of Record Collector and provides an A-Z guide to the rare and collectable UK releases with catalogue numbers, B-sides, release dates and current mint values for every UK single worth over £5, EP over £8, CD single over £8, LP over £12 and CD over £18.

The guide features over 100,000 entries spanning 1500 pages and is now also available online as a subscription service at